Artvoice Feature – WNYBAC Members Show 2011

how cool!Heya! Long time no type. I’ve been busy with freelance and also my new comic, Squid Salad. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of travel to anime conventions where I sell cute art and handmade buttons. More on that later…

Today was most excellent, as Artvoice chose to feature Honey & the Whirlwind by Tim Ferrara for the second time.  We’re both proud members of the WNYBAC, and as such are exhibiting in the member show. Also featured in the article is a hand made stab stitch book by myself. It contains sketches with the theme of Cherry Blossom Dream. It was made with Washi paper and I quite enjoy doodling in it with copic markers. (You might remember some of my handmade books from this post: link )

Go check out all the amazingness at the Western New York Book Arts Collective!
The show is on view till July 9!

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2 Responses to Artvoice Feature – WNYBAC Members Show 2011

  1. Mike Bear says:

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks for dropping by the blog. Do you have another blog that you update? As for the cintiq, I’m glad you like it. I discovered some nice ways to size up brushes using the pen buttons that’s helped me a lot. Let me know if you get this and I’ll send you the info.


    • Annie says:

      Heya! Ahh yeah I’ve been putting most of my bloggins’ on the world of Tumblr and my webcomic. I’ve been trying to put aside the tiem to update my whole personal website, but I’ve been super busy with work. I’m hoping for that to happen sometimes this summer. My comic doodlings are at and my Tumblr-ings are on an inspiration main blog here and a sketch blog here. I haven’t been able to put a lot of design stuff up as I’m working for Lucasfilm and a few other projects where everything is still secret and unreleased! x) ha. How are you? How are things?

      I really really enjoy my cintiq, though admittedly there are not a whole ton of resources for it- so any info is more than welcome on my end :) I like making custom brushes a lot too…

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