Automatic Music Can Be Fun


Automatic Music Can be Fun is an album by Mike Brown & Zac Decamp (who form the band Geneseo) about personal experiences in Upstate New York. The unique fold-out package features lyrics hidden beneath scratch-off material. I designed layout, typography, textures, illustrations & created a short poem from the cut-out areas where the lyrics peek though which the band used to create a secret 11th song. The album has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package 2014. Read on for the full scoop!


The package for Geneseo’s album is like one big scratch-off ticket.  The band’s name and other illustrative elements are printed in scratch-off material.  And if you want to read along with the lyrics to the ten songs on the record, you’ll have to do some scratching off to get to them.

But here’s the cool part… as part of the design process, the art directors selected key words and phrases from each of the album’s ten songs and kept them uncovered. When read together, the selected words and phrases create poetry.

These “composite” lyrics were shared with the band, serving as inspiration for a new track… a song born directly from the design of the packaging.  Geneseo wrote music to accompany the new set of lyrics, and then recorded this eleventh song, titling it “Automatic Music Can Be Fun.”

When you follow clues included in the packaging, you’re led to a free download of the design-inspired bonus track at


CLIENT: Mike Brown & Zac Decamp

ART DIRECTION: Myself, Brian Grunert, Mike Brown & Zac Decamp

AWARDS: 2014 Grammy Nominee Best Recording Package

Photo Documentation courtesy of IMG_INK

So excited and darn honored to be a small part of a really amazing book:
WOMEN OF THE GALAXY” by Amy Ratcliffe
is out On October 30th with Lucasfilm and Chronicle Books!!

October 2018: Big thanks to Daemen College for such an amazing honor–
Graduate of the Decade!
I can’t really even begin to express my love and graditude!
I’ll keep working hard to make you all proud.

It’s been quite an exciting 2017!
So honored to be a Grand Clio award winner for art direction along with
the fantastic team on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle!
And I’m super humbled to have a STELLAr Award for album package of the year with the lovely Travis Greene.

1001 Knights was just featured on Buzzfeed, io9 & a bunch of other awesome places!
(Hello internet travelers!! Feel free to chat with me on twitter & instagram, as I need to update this site!!! Life has been quite busy!)

My pal Kevin Jay Stanton & I have created, curated, art directed & now launched 1001 Knights! 1001 Knights! is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones. Please check it out & spread the word!

So Honored & super excited to share my recent interview with the BBC about my design/illustration work for Star Wars! Check it out: LINK!

Stoked to have done illustrations for Star Wars Rebel’s upcoming book Sabine: My Rebel Sketchbook! Snag it here: AMAZON!
To get hyped, every day I’m doing a Sabine-style sketch on my Twitter & Tumblr

Pleased to announce I am now working as an Art Director at Sony Music Entertainment!
And my work for Automatic Music Can Be Fun was recently featured in Communication Arts 2014 Design Annual!!

Over the moon excited & grateful to be with White Bike comrades in a
GRAMMY Nomination for Best Recording Package! with Automatic Music Can Be Fun!

I’ve been helping direct (and have some art) in the newly successfully funded shojo anthology, Hana Doki Kira along with some amazing artist friends!

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Hi. I’m ANNIE STOLL, and I’m an explorer. I’m also a DESIGNER & ART DIRECTOR

For me, no adventure is too small. I hail from the rust-belt town called Buffalo,
but I’ve left behind the ice and snow for the concrete jungles, bright night skies and killer graphic design of NYC. I draw, paint, splatter, code, cut, scratch and collage my way through life, and you’ll find me in my element when knee-deep
in hand-made typography and print based designs.

In 2014, I was nominated for a Grammy along with my White Bicycle comrades for design work on Automatic Music Can Be Fun. I currently work at Sony Music Entertainment as an art director. I’ve freelanced for Lucasfilm for merchandise as well as illustrations for Sabine: My Rebel Sketchbook. I always have a few other personal projects and gigs going on, too.

You’ll find all of my credentials HERE. I’m always up for a new adventure.

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